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Spiritual Guidance through Life's Transitions.

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Starting December 3, 2019 @ 12:00 am ending December 24, 2019 @ 11:59 pm


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(Must be 18 years or older to receive a reading and purchase)

Intuitive Readings/Consultations May Benefit You To:


  • Gain knowledge and Balance to make transitions in your life

    • Discover Your Life Mission

    • What is your Life Purpose  

    • Understand Your Past

    • Live in the Present

    • Co-Create Your Future

    • See the energy lines and choices presented

  • Find/Understand your own gifts

    • Intuition, The Clairs, Empathic, Auroras​, Psychic, Mediumship, Psychometry

    • Dowsing - Pendulum

    • Meditation

    • Uncover Ones Spiritual Path

  • Contact Spirits of Loved One 

    • Reaching Peace and Closure

    • Hospice/Those Transitioning Over to the Other Side​

  • Spiritual Clearings

    • Clearing attached Spirits, Negative or Positive

    • Moving stuck Spirits on this realm to the other side​

  • Self-care

    • Awareness

    • Balance Giving and Receiving

    • Balance Life and Work

    • Being your Authentic Self (the real you that makes you happy)

    • Boundaries

    • Communication

    • Identifying and Evaluating Core Belief System

    • Getting Clarity on what you Need and what you Want

    • Taking Responsibility for Self and releasing the need to control others

  • Clairifying Love, Relationships and Family

    • Does this person have feelings for me and if so where might it go? 

    • What are my options for potential partner/s?

    • Is my partner the monogamous kind or is he/she more of a free spirit?

    • Are we on the same page, want the same things or are compatible with one another?

    • Are we going to date?

    • Are we going to be in a committed relationship?

    • Are we going to move in together or move to a different location?

    • Am I going to get married?

    • Are we going to buy or sell our home?

    • Will our families get along?

    • Will my relative and I work things out?

  • Parenting;

    • Am I or we going to have children?

    • Help Parents Understand their child/ren's Spiritual gift/s.

    • What does the future hold for my child/ren?

    • Help Parents Understand their child/ren's gift/s, path and life lessons.

    • How will my child/ren adjust to the move and or new location?

    • How will my child/ren like their new school?

    • How will the children fair with the divorce?

    • What will be the outcome of my child custody case?

  • Investigate Career, Finance & Business Options

    • Should I start my own business?

    • Am I in the right career or should I transition into another line of work?

    • Will my co-worker and I work things out or will he/she leave the department?

    • How does my boss view me and my performance?

    • Will I get a job promotion?

    • Is this person a good fit for the team and a good hire?

    • The team I have in place, will they excel?

    • Should I move in town or to another city and how will it be once I have made the move

"Hillary Black is a great go to for insights and guidance from your higher self. Good for serious questions on life's journey, but also can be for fun on much lighter topics."

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