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 Coaching Sessions & Packages

To schedule your Spiritual Transitional Coaching Session or Package, book online below. Appointments are booked minimum 24 hours in advance. Appointments can be usually booked within 24 hours to 72 hours. You may find step by step instructions to book online under Coaching on the FAQ page, You may call (760) 814-9324 for assistance on booking online and your call will be returned within 48 hours.


All Coaching sessions are by appointment by Phone and Zoom. LGBTQIA+ Friendly.

"Everyone needs a coach"

Eric Schmidt, Former CEO of Google

Start Your Journey To Your Best Life

Welcome to Hillary Black Enterprises, Inc., where we believe that everyone has the potential to live their best life. Our spiritual performance coaching program takes a holistic approach to personal growth, helping you connect with your inner self and transcend limiting beliefs. With our guidance, you can unlock your full potential, create meaningful relationships, and achieve success in all areas of your life. Whether you're looking to start a new business, grow your business, find your purpose, or simply live more authentically, we are here to help. Contact us today to start your journey to personal transformation.

Looking to make lasting change in your life, relationships and business? Hillary's 12 Months Coaching Program are perfect for those who are ready to step into their fullest potential and create the life of their dreams.

Hillary Black's VIP 1 on 1 (12) months coaching program is now open with (11) limited spots available. Reserve your spot today before the 1 year coaching program fills up. If the program fills up, you will be put on a wait list and be notified when a spot opens up.

This is how I have helped others...

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"When I needed help removing blocks so I could uplevel my business, I called Hillary Black. I had met her a few times previously at events and fairs, and always received powerful readings from her becasue she was always spot on! It was a few years later that I become a business coaching client, and what I found was she was even more amazing guiding me on clearing situations that were beyond my own psychic abilities. The results have been receiving while working with Hillary have helped me build a stronger foundation for my business, and allowed me to deepen my level of spirituality, my skill as a gifted intuitive, and create, call in, and manifest faster than before in my life. I would definitely recommend Hillary Black and her psychic genius to everyone, because whether it is a reading or in coaching, she is always going to provide you with honest and deeply insightful source information that will help you and your business grow exponentially!"

Patricia Rundblade

Busines Owner, Life Coach and Spiritual Intuitive

Tucson, Arizona

Discover Your True Potential

As the founder of Hillary Black Enterprises, I specialize in spiritual transitional coaching to help individuals navigate the ups and downs of life. Our unique approach combines spiritual awareness with practical tools designed to help you overcome obstacles, gain clarity, and live your life with purpose. With an emphasis on personal growth and self-discovery, we empower clients to make lasting changes that lead to breakthroughs in all areas of life.


Achieving your highest potential is within reach with Hillary Black spiritual performance coaching. Our one-on-one sessions are designed to help you gain insight into your core strengths, connect with your inner wisdom, and live your best life. Stay tuned for upcoming group coaching sessions as well.

Free Consult
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Get acquainted with a

Free Complentary

1 hour Spiritual Discovery Coaching Call

Book a get acquainted Complementary 1 hr spiritual coaching call with me to gain more clarity through your blind spots. Get insight to your specific struggles and situations that is holding you back in your life. You will get a feel what is like to work with me and we can decide if we are a good fit to move forward.

Individual Session

 Individual Session and  VIP 1:1 Coaching Packages

VIP 1 on1 Coaching

Embrace a profound transformation with our exclusive 12-month Spiritual Transitional Business and Life Coaching Program. This journey is an opportunity to unlock your highest potential, both personally and professionally. Over the course of a year, we will work closely together to align your spiritual essence with your business aspirations, fostering a harmonious and purpose-driven life. Through tailored coaching, mentorship, and a wealth of resources, you will develop the skills and mindset needed to achieve lasting success while nurturing your spiritual well-being.

Please note that spots are limited to just (12) VIP one on one Coaching Clients for the year. This exclusivity ensures that you receive the utmost attention and guidance. Don't miss out on this chance to embrace meaningful change and a brighter future. Sign up today and embark on a transformative path towards a life that reflects your true self and fulfills your deepest desires. Your journey to spiritual and business enlightenment starts here.

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1 HR

In my 1-hour Spiritual Coaching Call, I offer personalized guidance to help you align with your spiritual journey.


Through clarity and purpose, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your true potential as we work together to overcome any obstacles.


My heart-centered approach ensures that you'll leave our session feeling empowered and ready to take on the world.


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Three (11) spots are available in the VIP Program. 


  • Includes 48 weekly (1) hr one on one coaching sessions.

  • Bonus - 48 weekly 15 min check-ins. 

  • Bonus - Weekly Clarity Journal

  • Bonus - Worksheets & Workbooks throughout the program

  • Bonus - Additional coaching sessions while on the coaching package are $225/hr


  • Valid for 12 months

  • All sales are final. No refunds.


Online meeting



Three (11) spots are available in the VIP Program. 

  • Includes 48 weekly (1) hr one on one coaching sessions.

  • Bonus - 48 weekly 15 min check-ins. 

  • Bonus - Weekly Clarity Journal

  • Bonus - Worksheets & Workbooks throughout the program

  • Bonus - Additional coaching sessions while on the coaching package are $300/hr

  • Un-used sessions for the month, DO NOT roll to the next month. 


  • Valid for 12 months

  • All sales are final. No refunds.


Client Love

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"Hillary is a special soul. She has the spiritual gift to guide you on your path and purpose, life experience to back it up and nearly thirty years of coaching clients to aide in all facets of life - relationships, career and most importantly healing. She has also helped launch some of the most successful coaches with sub-specialities. Even her spirit guide predictions, oftne come to life, no matter how surprising it may seem. She helped me begin my journey into the spiritual realm and taught me about inner child work, energy lines, listening to inner guidance and shifting to manifest more positive energy lines along my path and purpose. Hillary pours her heart and Soul into each session and holds space for you along your path."

C. Marie

Business Owner


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