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Valentine's Special 2021

Spiritual Guidance through Life's Transitions.

33% OFF

Starting February 6, 2021 @ 12:00 am pst

Ending February 20, 2021 @ 11:59 pm pst




 Reg $300 hr | A $100 Savings





(Must be 18 years or older to purchase and receive a reading or coaching session. May not be combined with any other specials or offers. Not valid at parties or fairs. All sales are final. No refunds.)

intuitive readings

Intuitive Readings/Consultations May Benefit You To:

  • Gain knowledge and Balance to make transitions in your life

  • Discover Your Life Mission

  • What is your Life Purpose  

  • Understand Your Past

  • Live in the Present

  • Co-Create Your Future

  • See the energy lines and choices presented

  • Find/Understand your own gifts

    • Intuition, The Clairs, Empathic, Auroras​, Psychic, Mediumship, Psychometry

    • Dowsing - Pendulum

    • Meditation

    • Uncover Ones Spiritual Path

  • Contact Spirits of Loved One 

    • Reaching Peace and Closure

    • Hospice/Those Transitioning Over to the Other Side​

  • Spiritual Clearings

    • Clearing attached Spirits, Negative or Positive

    • Moving stuck Spirits on this realm to the other side​

  • Self-care

  • Boundaries
  • Communication

  • Clarifying Love, Relationships and Family

    • Does this person have feelings for me and if so where might it go? 

    • What are my options for potential partner/s?

    • Is my partner the monogamous kind or is he/she more of a free spirit?

    • Are we on the same page, want the same things or are compatible with one another?

    • Are we going to date?

    • Are we going to be in a committed relationship?

    • Are we going to move in together or move to a different location?

    • Am I going to get married?

    • Are we going to buy or sell our home?

    • Will our families get along?

    • Will my relative and I work things out?

  • Parenting;

    • Am I or we going to have children?

    • Help Parents Understand their child/ren's Spiritual gift/s.

    • What does the future hold for my child/ren?

    • Help Parents Understand their child/ren's gift/s, path and life lessons.

    • How will my child/ren adjust to the move and or new location?

    • How will my child/ren like their new school?

    • How will the children fair with the divorce?

    • What will be the outcome of my child custody case?

  • Investigate Career, Finance & Business Options

    • Should I start my own business?

    • Am I in the right career or should I transition into another line of work?

    • Will my co-worker and I work things out or will he/she leave the department?

    • How does my boss view me and my performance?

    • Will I get a job promotion?

  • Is this person a good fit for the team and a good hire?

  • The team I have in place, will they excel?

  • Should I move in town or to another city and how will it be once I have made the move

coaching sessions

Spiritual Life Coaching May Benefit You To:

  • Discover your true authentic self

  • Increasing Self-care

    • Awareness

    • Balance Giving and Receiving

    • Balance Life and Work

    • Being your Authentic Self (the real you that makes you happy)

    • Boundaries

    • Communication

    • Identifying and Evaluating Core Belief System

    • Getting Clarity on what you Need and what you Want

    • Taking Responsibility for Self and releasing the need to control others

  • Uncover your talents and discover your life purpose

  • Connect and speak to your inner child/intuition

  • Activate and cultivate your gifts

  • Identify obstacles holding you back

  • Break reoccurring patterns

  • Release beliefs that no longer serve you

  • Learn your personal lessons and raise your vibration

  • Align your head (adult self) and your heart (subconscious mind)

  • See different options

  • Set your boundaries and goals for joy in your life

  • Integrate your choices and create a new reality by living in the present and co-creating your future

  • Manifest the Relationships, Career and Finances you want

  • Live your truth in balance, harmony and exquisiteness

  • Increase your life energy

  •  Have balance within your family and life

Get 1 hour Spiritual Coaching session for $200

That is a 33% off

Reg $300 | A $100 Savings

When booking use coupon code; NEWYOU2012

Get 1 hour Intuitive Reading           session for $200

That is a 33% off

Reg $300 | A $100 Savings

When booking use coupon code; NEWYOU2012

20% off of Clearing Your Roadblocks to Success
online class with New Year Special

  • Adjusting to uncertain times

  • Identify, acknowledge, own and break through your biggest blocks; lessons, patterns and negative programming

  • Let go of negative emotions & hurt feelings

  • Master high-frequency energy techniques 

  • Adjust your perception and reaction to circumstances to change the outcome

  • Incorporate coping skills to rise above challenges

  • Exceed expectations by working smarter not harder


This course includes:

  • A total of 12 hours of group calls; 1 Group 60 minute Zoom calls per week starting on February 8, 2021, every other Mondays from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm PST, for 3 months. ($3600 value)

  • Worksheets ($500 value)

  • BONUS 1; The 6 Reasons Why God/Universe Doesn't Give Us What We Want, When We Want It Report. ($45 value)

  • BONUS 2: The 3 Must Haves To Be Successful Report. ($45 value)

  • BONUS 3: Being entered in a drawing for an additional private 1 on 1 session with me Hillary Black, to create your Blueprint for the New Year! ($300 value)

Total Investment:

  • Paid in Full $997 - $199.40 = $797 (20% off with New Year sale purchase valid until 02/05/21) 

  • Paid in 3 monthly installments $400 x 3 = $1.,200 -$240 = $960/3 = $320 per month (20% off with New Year sale purchase valid until 02/20/21)


"Hillary Black is a great go to for insights and guidance from your higher self. Good for serious questions on life's journey, but also can be for fun on much lighter topics."

Beth Bell, Entreprenuer, Flower Whisperer, Radio Show Host

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

(Spiritual Client)

Beth's Radio Show on iHeartRADIO @ The Beth Radio Show live from Bali

Beth Beth the Flower Whisperer @

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Be the light

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