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Spiritual Transitional Coach & Intuitive Reader

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My name is Hillary Black and I have dedicated the last 24 years to helping people from all over the world gain insight into their lives and achieve their goals through intuitive tarot readings and spiritual life coaching.

Over the course of my career I find that my clients have the information to make informed choices, yet they don't know to properly set goals, visualize, and manifest their desires. 

The first step to create the life you truly want comes from identifying the blocks that hold you back. Most of the time, we think we understand these blocks, however more often than not our internal narrative and negative programing prevents us from seeing these obstacles clearly. As a result, we expend a tremendous amount of energy trying to overcome them, but instead we end up making them stronger.

More often than not the hardest part is the first step. Join the thousands of people worldwide who have taken their life into their own hands and created a life they've always dreamed of.

I help men and women create their heart's desire within their life and/or business by helping them; look at their hidden beliefs, break through blocks and create new patterns.

​It’s my mission to help men and women co-create their life by alignment of their heart and mind.

What is misalignment? When you are blocked and your head (conscious mind) is saying one thing and your heart (subconscious mind) is saying another.

​Although I am trained as a coach, I am deeply centered around spirit having the gift at the age of 5 years old and I have been a Professional Intuitive Reader and Spiritual Life & Business Coach for over 20 years.


I offer personal & business development through spiritual life & business coaching tailored specifically for you, helping you help yourself;

  • Identify your hidden beliefs

  • Own your stuff

  • Break through blocks

  • Release old programming or stories

  • Create new programming or new stories

  • Alignment within yourself looking at your core belief systems - which ones serve you and ones that need to be released, to allow the shift of growth.

For those who are look for some spiritual guidance and/or are not ready for spiritual life/business coaching, I offer intuitive readings helping you help yourself;

  • Getting calm 

  • Clarity 

  • Confirmation

  • Gather information for you to make informed choices


​​At Hillary Black Enterprises, Inc, I am committed to spirited learning, growth, development and fun. I empower my clients to ask insightful questions, explore, and confront conventional ways of thinking. 


As you travel on the road of life, you may have had an experience/s that has changed your life or crave a deeper connection with yourself and spirit, that has you looking for a personal mentor to help you create your life that you want; as you get clearer on who you are and where you want to go. 

I am here for you and ready to help you succeed in your hearts desire! 

I invite you to learn more about Hillary Black Enterprises, Inc and discover an spiritual education built for you.

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Book a Get Acquainted 1 hour spiritual coaching call with me to gain more clarity through your blind spots. Get insight to your specific struggles and situations that is holding you back in your life. You will get a feel what is like to work with me and we can decide if we are a good fit to move forward.

Passionate Life Coach and Intuitive Reader.

The person and story behind Ask Hillary Black.

Growing up I never felt like I fit in and often felt like a duck out of water.  Which is ironic, given I was a competitive elite swimmer since the age of six years old.  My intuitive and empathic gifts came at an early age of five years old. 


As I grew, my abilities became stronger and many profound events came to pass. I was raised in a home with a mom who is devout Catholic and father who was Christian Scientist. I was inspired to learn about different religions, their similarities and differences by going with my father to various churches. On the other hand my mother insisted I go to CCD and Catholic mass on a weekly basis. until the age of eighteen years old.


I spent a great deal of time talking with Nuns and Priests about my prophetic dreams. One particular dream, showed a small white dog out of the tabernacle in the Church where the host of Christ is kept. The Nun explained to me a white meant purity and dog is God spelled backwards. Soon thereafter, I became very involved within the church—the youngest Sunday School Teacher at the age of fifteen years old, a Youth Group Leader and as well involved in Campus Life. 


When I was seventeen years old, I traveled to Europe visiting many countries including Italy. Although the Vatican was not on the itinerary, I and a few other girls went to the Vatican, experiencing the mass in Latin and was blessed by Pope John Paul II in the Vatican Square.


Throughout my life my family and friends told me that I should be in a field where I can help people. It all began reading for family and friends incorporating my intuitive gifts of clairvoyant (sees visions), clairaudient (hears spirits) and clairsentient (senses spirits) and claircozgant (sense of knowing).


My father was a significant figure in my life.  In 1996, he had a tragic car accident.  Here he was, a second generation retired military officer, college professor and a executive statistical engineer and was in a coma while I was thirty-four weeks pregnant with his first grandson.  It was heartbreaking to know he would never meet my son. 


Looking back, I remembered a conversation with my father prior to the accident about my children.  My vision showed I was having a boy, even before the ultrasound revealed it, and could see his features as he was older.  We discussed names for my son and came upon my father’s first name that he never used, but he expressed he wanted his grandson to carry his name.  I realized after the accident how profound that conversation came to be. 


Right before my father's car accident my father said to me if anything happened to him, I was in charge to make sure his wishes were fulfilled. He asked me to promise and I did. Soon after the accident, my father came to me in my dream state communicating his wishes.  After I would communicate them to my family.


The doctors would not tell the family when they thought my father would pass, but I knew when that day would come. I felt an urge to rush to the hospital just 7 days after I gave birth to my son. When I entered my father’s room, I called my mother, brother and sister telling them that this was the day my father would pass. We all sat around his hospital bed with my father's best friend talking about the family, the good times and saying our goodbyes. My father died early that morning.


Right after my father's death, my mother (a devout Catholic and former disbeliever) told me I was an angel and now she knew why God had put me here.   From that point in my life I began to investigate my intuitive abilities I had taken for granted and ignored. I now use my gifts to fulfill my purpose in helping other people help themselves. 


Since 1996, I have read professionally for the past 24 years for clients throughout the United States and internationally, either by telephonic conference and/or one-on-one consultations. In 2002, my readings began to evolve as I saw a trend among my clients. They had the information to make informed choices, yet they did not know how to properly set goals, visualize, and manifest their desires.

To follow my life path of helping others, I began Life Coaching.  It was a natural fit as I had been a competitive swimmer, rising to the ranks of Junior Olympics to Junior Nationals (which is two levels away from the Olympics) and knew what it took to be a great coach. I intuitively, along with help from spirit, was able to guide clients through the process.  I focus on helping my clients with obstacles, lessons and patterns through transitions, as well as relationships, family, career and business.

Spiritual Gifts include; 

  • Intuitive

  • Medium

  • Clairvoyant

  • Clairsentient

  • Clairaudient

  • Claircognizant

  • Empathic

  • Psychometry

  • Tarot

  • Pendulum

  • Magnified Healing Master Teacher

  • Universal Life Church Minister

  • Life and Business Coach

Certifications include; 

  • Magnified Healing Master Teacher Level I,

  • Universal Life Church Minister

  • Rapid Results Coaching Academy

  • Business Coaching Essentials from Coach U

    • Fast Track from Corporate Coach U

    • Personal Coaching Styles Inventory (PCSI) Certification Training form Coach U,

  • 7 steps to Reprogramming Yourself

To provide the greatest aide to my clients, I continually seek new techniques and have several trainings which include;

  • CoachCon with Christian Mickelsen

  • Business Blast Off - Level Up with Allison Maslan

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming with Dr. Matt James

  • Success on Your Own Terms - A Pathfinder for Liberating Enterprising Spirits with Jeanine Just

  • Beyond Limits - Science of Mind & Spirit 101 with the Center for Spiritual Living

  • 7 Steps to Reprogramming Yourself with Arnoux Goran

  • 5 steps Emotional Eraser to clear past lives and family lineage with Arnoux Goran

  • Completion to Forgiveness with Arnoux Goran

  • Emotional Repolarization Techniques with Arnoux Goran to shift past experiences to energetically release negative and emotional blocks

  • Magnified Healing Master Teacher Level 1 with Erika Bronte

  • Tarot Class with Karen Charboneau-Harrison, Psychic for the past 45 years and owner of Goddess Isis Bookstore

  • Dowsing Class with John Van Drie

My gift is facilitating positive transformations by teaching my clients how they can help themselves through various modalities such as Spiritual Readings, Spiritual Coaching, Spiritual Healing and Teaching.


I am the founder and editor of the former Online Magazine Spiritually Touched, have made guest appearances on radio, television and film, Spiritual Fairs, private events for charity and corporate parties. 

Spiritually Touched™ online magazine boasted writers from Canada, Spain, Ireland, Germany and the United States. Impressively my 3rd month in publication received 33,000 hits per month from all over the world.  My column, Thoughts to Ponder, was published on the acclaimed World Wide Information Outlet featured in published books, college classes and magazines such as PC Magazine.   After a near death experience my magazine later was put on hiatus. 


Radio shows include features on Cybergyde Radio Show at AM1280 RALPH in Denver, Colorado AM1280 RALPH on Let’s Talk with Lucas and Cassie Radio Show, television show "Mystical Insights," hosted by Patrisha Richardson, Night Lights Radio Show with Barbara Delong, Curious Time Radio Show with Chris and had my own Radio Show Spiritual Roundtable with Ask Hillary Black, SuperNatural Radio Show with Corrine DeWinter, Bell Beth Radio Show with Beth Bell and 2018 in the film FEEL, The Waves of Intelligence. 


My gifts allow me to see different realities, choices and fated events for my clients. Ultimately, the client chooses their reality by the choices they make, thereby creating their future. I help people help themselves by blending my gifts through various modalities such as Spiritual Reading, Spiritual Coaching, Spiritual Healing and Teaching, 


It gives me great joy to work with clients and help them through life’s transitions and offer guidance. Whatever your religion, orientation, lifestyle, or beliefs are, I  read from a place of acceptance.

Embrace Your Future

Creating a life & business you want to engage in.