How To Prepare for a Coaching Session

Helping those to help themselves.

Due to Covid-19, in-person sessions are not available. All sessions are conducted by phone or virtual. 

  • To prepare for your COACHING SESSION please be in a quiet space where you are not going to be interrupted and can speak freely, as I will be as well, whether it is by TELEPHONE – Phone, Skype, Hangouts, Whats App or IN PERSON.


  • Readings are by TELEPHONE, unless requested by Zoom, by Skype, Google Hangouts or Whats App


  • For IN PERSON READINGS (San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles areas) call 949-929-8113 to schedule. Trip charge applies roundtrip.


  • Phone appts call from the number 949-929-8113


  • Skype appts username; askhillaryblack


  • For International Callers appts using WhatsApp username; askhillaryblack

  • I will call you at your appointment time.

  • I do not tape the sessions, and sessions CAN NOT be taped or recorded. It is recommended that you take notes during the session.


  • In coaching, I can use coaching tools alone or blend spiritual tools with the coaching tools.


  • I coach individuals and couples. Individual coaching sessions are 1 hour. Couple coaching sessions are usually 2 hours.


  • In your first coaching session I usually start with your Blueprint that is customized to you regarding the subject or subjects you want to work on. I do this by identifying your Obstacles, Lessons and Patterns with a blend of coaching and spiritual prayer and reading. If you don’t know where to start we can see what shows up with spirit. Other subjects or areas that you haven’t asked about may also show up. Whether you want to work on them is up to you.


  • In your first coaching session I also say a prayer of protection and grounding. In other sessions I may do this as well. I will ground you as well as myself putting white light/energy of protection around both you and me, in case any spirits do show up. While I am praying I will see clairvoyant visions in a form as a picasco vision as I tell them to you. They don't always make sense as I see them, but I will interpret the visions as I am conducting the reading.


  • Sessions thereafter, I will start with what happened for the week with your Positives, Negatives and AH-HA moments. You may choose to write this down in a journal, fill out a worksheet or jot this information down prior to your session, to see your personal and/or professional growth.


  • Coaching sessions can have a specific topic and exercise or can be organic as spirit directs us where to go from what has happened during the week.


  • If you would like a 10 min reading at the end of your session to see if any energy lines have changed we can do that, but please state that at the beginning of the session.


  • No reading is 100%, only GOD is.


  • I read the past, present and future realities.


  • Please keep in mind that future realities can shift and change, as everyone has free will and choices. I am reading the energy lines being presented at the time of the reading. If the energy line stays the same, that may be the outcome. If not, then a different outcome could happen. There can be multiple future energy lines out there. I call it the energy highway. When I read, I pulled down future realities from the energy highway. This is why, another reader may see the same future reality I see or something different. There is always more than 1 future reality as those future realities depend on your choices – thoughts, feelings and actions that you make and the choices – thoughts, feelings and actions that the other person or people involved make as well.


  • The last 5 mins of your session, we will discuss any homework given and verify next appointment scheduled.

"Act as if what you intend to manifest in life is already a reality." 

"Remember: When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. How you perceive the world is an extremely powerful tool that will allow you to fully bring the power of intention in your life."

Wayne Dyer