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Spiritual Guidance through Life's Transitions. 

Client's Love...


"Hillary Black is a great go to for insights and guidance from your higher self. Good for serious questions on life's journey, but also can be for fun on much lighter topics."

Beth Bell, Entrepreneur, Advisor, Author, Radio Show Host, TV Host

Arizona, United States

(Spiritual Client)​


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"Working with Hillary has been one of the greatest gifts I have given to myself, for my own healing and for my future. In addition to being one of the most Intuitive Readers I’ve ever encountered, her background in coaching business owners and professionals gives her an added insight and understanding that is hard met. Always authentic, loving and honest, she's helped me process through some of my hardest life transitions with greater grace and ease. Through working with Hillary I've created a spiritually aligned business that I love and brings me deep meaning everyday, increased my income, and have attracted the most beautiful and fulfilling relationship of my life yet. But more importantly, the deepest gift working with Hillary has given me is a foundation of formidable self love and a connection to my intuition that I know will serve me for the rest of my life."

Christina Stacey, Owner and Loan Signing Agent
San Diego, California


"Hillary is one of the most intuitive readers I have ever worked with. She speaks directly to spirit and has told me things that have helped me shift and inspire me to reach my goals. Hillary communicates things in a way that resonates not only with my mind, but with my body and spirit as well. I also love that she is incredibly passionate, integrous and heart-felt. Our sessions every other week for the past few months has contributed greatly to me being seen, felt and acknowledged even when I don't do all the homework. Hearing her one liners, carry on what I am working on, inspire me throughout and between our sessions. I can't recommend working with her enough!"

Cynthia Okimoto, Owner of New York Dog Nanny
Animal Communicator, Pet Sitter, Environmentalist and Healer 

Spiritual Client.jpg

"I was stunned when you repeated a part of a conversation I had with my deceased mother at her grave site that no one, not one human being knew about. You even told me the exact month and date that I had said to her, in the conversation.  You also told me that you saw 5 interviews for me in this month of January, I would receive 2 job offers and that I would be employed by February. I did receive 2 job offers January 20th, accepted 1 position and start my new job after the background check sometime in the first or second week of February 2016. You are an amazing reader!  You certainly have the gift."

M.S., Information Technology Engineer, Fort Collins, Colorado
(Spiritual Client)

Charlotte S..jpg

"My first reading with you, you told me my daughter would find her father whom we hadn’t heard from in some years. I was in disbelief as child support tried to find him for years, but couldn’t. Sometime after the reading not only did my daughter find her father, she was in contact with him as well. She found him living in a foreign country on a contract job. I was shocked. You also said that my son should be careful on his camping trip with his friends, especially when he goes hiking/rock climbing, which he loves to do. You said you saw a minor accident, but that he would be ok. Well when he came home from the trip he told me, he fell hiking/rock climbing and his ankle hurt. I took him to the doctor and the x-rays showed his had broken his ankle."

Charlotte S., Music Teacher/Business Owner, Littleton, Colorado
(Spiritual Client - Family Balance)


"Hillary has shown me the big picture of life in a comprehensive way allowing me to set goals for my future beyond my old expectations and opening me up to new options while supporting me through this change. Thank you, Hillary."

Erika Bronte, International Spiritual Artist, Colorado, USA
(Spiritual Coaching Client - Life & Career Transitions/Health/Small Business)

Michele D.jpg

"After being laid off from 3 jobs in a row in the computer field, I called Hillary for some insight to where my next step should go. Hillary saw that having my own business would be the right fit for me and my family, yet she saw it in a 2 step process. She suggested I enter a field that would be an easy transition in owning my own business and get me ready for the next step. Then I would make the move to the field that I would make a career in and would be happy. She coached me through the steps, supported me and helped me evaluate when was the right time and what field would be my next business."

I first owned a cleaning business and then moved into selling Health Insurance making $50,000 my first year and $90,000 my second year. I am now a District Manager with 8 agents working for me. I now make $2,300 every month before I even get out of bed. Owning my own business allows me to be there for my family and I earn more money than I ever did working for someone else! Even with the success I have now, when I go through a transition that I don’t have clarity on, I call Hillary. She helps guide me through my path."


Michelle D., Health Insurance Agent, Nashville, Tennessee
(Spiritual Coaching Client - Career Transition/Small Business Start Up & Growth)

Iris B II.jpg

"When the doctor told me they suspected my daughter had a tumor behind her eye I was panic stricken and immediately called Hillary. Not only did she calm me, but she suggested how to approach the doctors and the tests would come back showing no tumor, which they did. Hillary also picked up that my daughter was having difficulty in school and that her grades were slipping, but it would be temporary and her grades would pick up. Indeed this happened. Hillary also warned me that my son would have an accident, that it would be minor with him being laid up for 1 to 2 weeks. My son did have a minor accident regarding his knee cap and 2 weeks later he was back to normal.


Hillary saw some other opportunities for me that I was contemplating and hadn't told her about. Now that I have some insights on the future of the opportunities presented to me, I feel more at ease making the decision which opportunity to take. I have found Hillary's guidance very beneficial to my life."


Iris B., Retired Corrections Officer, San Diego, California 
(Spiritual Client; Family Balance)

The highest compliment I can receive is the referral of your friends, family & business associates. Please see my Spiritual Coaching referral program here or my Intuitive Reading referral program here to find out more.

Thank you for your trust! 

" You are definitely both a great intuitive and a business coach. Thank you, Hillary." 

"You just don't know how much you've helped us. I think I am sane because of you. I just know my girls will love you too."

S.C., Entrepreneur - Business Consultant, California
(Spiritual Coaching Client - Growth/Core Work/Transitions)

M.H., Multiple Businesses Owner, Aurora, Colorado
(Spiritual Client)

"I really enjoyed talking with you and I am just amazed at your accuracy. I have told several people about you!"

"It was a pleasure to speak with you last night. I look forward to talking with you in the future. Best Regards."

K.C, Administrative Assistant, Anchorage, Alaska
(Spiritual Client)

M.A., Modeling Agent, Atlanta, GA
(Spiritual Client)

Rave Reviews...

"Being a natural psychic myself, I was amazed at finding a person with so much clarity and honesty. Over the past year quite a few things that you have said have manifested, even things I didn't see myself. Your accuracy, insight and discernment is astounding."

J.M. Psychiatric Nurse, Chicago, Illinois
(Spiritual Coaching Client - Life Transitions)

"I enjoy attending your psychic sessions which has made a major impact on my life. There is a serenity and comfort zone with myself that I had never experienced before. I want to thank you very much and hope to see you again."

R.H. Probation Officer, Chicago,