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Spiritual Guidance through Life's Transitions. 

Client's Love...


"Hillary Black is a great go to for insights and guidance from your higher self. Good for serious questions on life's journey, but also can be for fun on much lighter topics."

Beth Bell, Entrepreneur, Advisor, Author, Radio Show Host, TV Host

Arizona, United States

(Spiritual Client)​


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"Working with Hillary has been one of the greatest gifts I have given to myself, for my own healing and for my future. In addition to being one of the most Intuitive Readers I’ve ever encountered, her background in coaching business owners and professionals gives her an added insight and understanding that is hard met. Always authentic, loving and honest, she's helped me process through some of my hardest life transitions with greater grace and ease. Through working with Hillary I've created a spiritually aligned business that I love and brings me deep meaning everyday, increased my income, and have attracted the most beautiful and fulfilling relationship of my life yet. But more importantly, the deepest gift working with Hillary has given me is a foundation of formidable self love and a connection to my intuition that I know will serve me for the rest of my life."

Christina Stacey, Business Owner
San Diego, California


"Hillary is one of the most intuitive readers I have ever worked with. She speaks directly to spirit and has told me things that have helped me shift and inspire me to reach my goals. Hillary communicates things in a way that resonates not only with my mind, but with my body and spirit as well. I also love that she is incredibly passionate, integrous and heart-felt. Our sessions every other week for the past few months has contributed greatly to me being seen, felt and acknowledged even when I don't do all the homework. Hearing her one liners, carry on what I am working on, inspire me throughout and between our sessions. I can't recommend working with her enough!"

Cynthia Okimoto, Owner of New York Dog Nanny
Animal Communicator, Pet Sitter, Environmentalist and Healer 

Spiritual Client.jpg

"I was stunned when you repeated a part of a conversation I had with my deceased mother at her grave site that no one, not one human being knew about. You even told me the exact month and date that I had said to her, in the conversation.  You also told me that you saw 5 interviews for me in this month of January, I would receive 2 job offers and that I would be employed by February. I did receive 2 job offers January 20th, accepted 1 position and start my new job after the background check sometime in the first or second week of February 2016. You are an amazing reader!  You certainly have the gift."

M.S., Information Technology Engineer, Fort Collins, Colorado
(Spiritual Client)

Charlotte S..jpg

"My first reading with you, you told me my daughter would find her father whom we hadn’t heard from in some years. I was in disbelief as child support tried to find him for years, but couldn’t. Sometime after the reading not only did my daughter find her father, she was in contact with him as well. She found him living in a foreign country on a contract job. I was shocked. You also said that my son should be careful on his camping trip with his friends, especially when he goes hiking/rock climbing, which he loves to do. You said you saw a minor accident, but that he would be ok. Well when he came home from the trip he told me, he fell hiking/rock climbing and his ankle hurt. I took him to the doctor and the x-rays showed his had broken his ankle."

Charlotte S., Music Teacher/Business Owner, Littleton, Colorado
(Spiritual Client - Family Balance)


"Hillary has shown me the big picture of life in a comprehensive way allowing me to set goals for my future beyond my old expectations and opening me up to new options while supporting me through this change. Thank you, Hillary."

Erika Bronte, International Spiritual Artist, Colorado, USA
(Spiritual Coaching Client - Life & Career Transitions/Health/Small Business)

Michele D.jpg

"After being laid off from 3 jobs in a row in the computer field, I called Hillary for some insight to where my next step should go. Hillary saw that having my own business would be the right fit for me and my family, yet she saw it in a 2 step process. She suggested I enter a field that would be an easy transition in owning my own business and get me ready for the next step. Then I would make the move to the field that I would make a career in and would be happy. She coached me through the steps, supported me and helped me evaluate when was the right time and what field would be my next business."

I first owned a cleaning business and then moved into selling Health Insurance making $50,000 my first year and $90,000 my second year. I am now a District Manager with 8 agents working for me. I now make $2,300 every month before I even get out of bed. Owning my own business allows me to be there for my family and I earn more money than I ever did working for someone else! Even with the success I have now, when I go through a transition that I don’t have clarity on, I call Hillary. She helps guide me through my path."


Michelle D., Health Insurance Agent, Nashville, Tennessee
(Spiritual Coaching Client - Career Transition/Small Business Start Up & Growth)

Iris B II.jpg

"When the doctor told me they suspected my daughter had a tumor behind her eye I was panic stricken and immediately called Hillary. Not only did she calm me, but she suggested how to approach the doctors and the tests would come back showing no tumor, which they did. Hillary also picked up that my daughter was having difficulty in school and that her grades were slipping, but it would be temporary and her grades would pick up. Indeed this happened. Hillary also warned me that my son would have an accident, that it would be minor with him being laid up for 1 to 2 weeks. My son did have a minor accident regarding his knee cap and 2 weeks later he was back to normal.


Hillary saw some other opportunities for me that I was contemplating and hadn't told her about. Now that I have some insights on the future of the opportunities presented to me, I feel more at ease making the decision which opportunity to take. I have found Hillary's guidance very beneficial to my life."


Iris B., Retired Corrections Officer, San Diego, California 
(Spiritual Client; Family Balance)

The highest compliment I can receive is the referral of your friends, family & business associates. Please see my Spiritual Coaching referral program here or my Intuitive Reading referral program here to find out more.

Thank you for your trust! 

" You are definitely both a great intuitive and a business coach. Thank you, Hillary." 

"You just don't know how much you've helped us. I think I am sane because of you. I just know my girls will love you too."

S.C., Entrepreneur - Business Consultant, California
(Spiritual Coaching Client - Growth/Core Work/Transitions)

M.H., Multiple Businesses Owner, Aurora, Colorado
(Spiritual Client)

"I really enjoyed talking with you and I am just amazed at your accuracy. I have told several people about you!"

"It was a pleasure to speak with you last night. I look forward to talking with you in the future. Best Regards."

K.C, Administrative Assistant, Anchorage, Alaska
(Spiritual Client)

M.A., Modeling Agent, Atlanta, GA
(Spiritual Client)

Rave Reviews...

"Being a natural psychic myself, I was amazed at finding a person with so much clarity and honesty. Over the past year quite a few things that you have said have manifested, even things I didn't see myself. Your accuracy, insight and discernment is astounding."

J.M. Psychiatric Nurse, Chicago, Illinois
(Spiritual Coaching Client - Life Transitions)

"I enjoy attending your psychic sessions which has made a major impact on my life. There is a serenity and comfort zone with myself that I had never experienced before. I want to thank you very much and hope to see you again."

R.H. Probation Officer, Chicago, Illinois
(Spiritual Client)

"I was so excited, that when I called Hillary, I was screaming at the top of my lungs. My aunt had just bought me a car. I am moving into my own apartment and my mother is giving me an entire living room set. I didn't believe Hillary when she told me of these events to come, but I certainly do now."

Brandi S., Lakewood, Colorado
(Spiritual Client)

"Hillary is a talented coach who patiently guides you to the heart of an issue so that you are able to move forward with clarity and self love toward a positive new reality. I've attempted this work before with some success but have made much more progress with Hillary Black because she genuinely cares. Thank you Hillary"

K.K., School Administrator, California
(Spiritual Coaching Client - Growth/Core Work)

“I have had quite a few psychics try to conduct a reading for me, but all have failed. With Hillary reading for me it’s amazing how true it all was. She helps you with situations or decisions you are having difficulty with. Hillary told me that there was a man who I knew, but wasn’t involved with yet, was going to ask me to marry him. I was in disbelief, but when he came over with a diamond ring and a marriage proposal, I was convinced. Hillary definitely has the gift.”

S.R., Retired Proprietor,
Lexington, Kentucky
(Spiritual Client)

"When you told me in my reading that I would receive a check for $700 in the mail, I wasn't sure what to think. Then you told me that my boyfriend and I would have a serious discussion and what he would say. The next time I saw my boyfriend and there those words came out of his mouth, I was shocked. A week later the check for $700 came in the mail. I am impressed."

R., Baggage Handler,
Denver, Colorado
(Spiritual Client)

"When I had my reading with you, I was very frustrated regarding my college major and the lack of classes I needed to move forward. I would have to wait a year to get the classes I need and wasn’t sure what to do while I was waiting. You saw I had an interest in photography, which I did and I would be good in this field. You continued stating I should consider getting a minor in photographer while I was waiting for my speech therapy classes to open up. I started taking up photography and recently won an award at my college for some pictures I have taken."

Chelse C, College Student/Business Owner, San Diego, California
(Spiritual Client - Life Planning)

"Hillary told me I would purchase a house and that we would have some help putting down the down payment for the house from my boyfriend's mother. We did find a house that we liked and we thought we could come up with the down payment at the end of rent to buy contract. But, at the last minute we had to come up  with all of the down payment all at once and in the beginning of the contract. My boyfriend's mother helped us with the amount we needed. My boyfriend and I looked at each other and said we have to call Hillary and tell her it happened as she said. We are so thrilled! We love our new home."

D.S., Cement Truck Driver,
Lakewood, Colorado
Spiritual Client; Life Transitions)

"I have known Hillary for the past 9 years and found her services to be most helpful, when  I was going through a divorce after 35 years of marriage. Hillary helped me see things, I didn’t want to see! Not only did she support me through the transition, but she helped me plan and map out my future of what I wanted.  After being a mother and housewife for 35 years I got a job in a field I love, making a good income providing me with excellent benefits. I also secured my finances and bought a home on my own. I truly love my new life."

L.L.L., Flight Attendant, Illinois, USA
(Spiritual Coaching Client—Divorce/Life/Career Transition)

"Thank you, Hillary, for all that you are, all that you have been and all that you are going to be. You are an AMAZING BEING. It has been a blessing for us both and and honor for one another, to have crossed paths at this junction in our lives --the similarities are surreal. I am looking forward to what the future holds and an Outstanding 2016 for us both!!!"

G. B., Entrepreneur,
San Diego, California
(Spiritual Coaching Client)

"Hillary is a one of a kind spiritual reader and adviser. I have worked with Hillary for over a year in addition to other spiritual readers, because I'm a skeptic. I'm always drawn back to Hillary because she is genuine and authentic. She has my best interest at heart. She has shared personal experiences with me and been very accurate on more than one occasion. I strongly feel that she understands me and the situations that I have inquired about. I highly recommend Hillary for your spiritual readings and advisement. She is very accommodating, down to earth and makes you feel comfortable from the start."

C.T., California
(Spiritual Client - Life Transitions)

"Hillary has been exact on all that she has shared with me in the past 2 years. She was doing a reading before I got married and read that I was going to have 2 children, and now I have 2 beautiful boys! Hillary predicted that I was going to have a BMW 2 years ago, and I am now the owner of a beautiful BMW and it was even cost effective! I love this women! Thank you Hillary."

C.S., Business Owner, 
Aurora, Colorado
(Spiritual Client)

I love hearing back from my clients, so please share your feedback.

Client's Love.....

"Hillary has given me invaluable insight for both my career and personal life. She helps me identify opportunities and create a space to achieve my goals. In one instance, I had a very important career proposal meeting coming up. She helped me to understand each person I would be presenting to and what their obstacles would be in saying Yes. I had a way to overcome every objection before the meeting started. In the meeting, the questions came up as she predicted and I was able to provide great solutions. My proposal was accepted. Hillary also does a grounding and healing exercise that centers me and I now use that exercise daily to help with stress and anxiety."

V. S., Relationship Mgr V.P., California
(Spiritual Coaching Client - Growth/Core Work/Transitions)

"I have had the joy of working with for 3 months now. Previous to meeting her I left an abusive relationship and was fiercely piecing together my world and taking great care of myself again... Coaching with Hillary is one of the best decisions and investments I have ever made. In the short time that we've worked together she's helped me meet the man I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with, start two businesses where I get to live my purpose, and create more financial abundance than ever! In my current businesses that supports me while we build and transition into our businesses, I was making $1,000 per day, dropping down to $35 per day and ready to quit as my heart was in the new ventures. After a session with Hillary I had a record day making $1,200, now making $12,000 per month that will help me transition into my hearts desire. The greatest gift from working with Hillary though is the space of empowerment and self love in which I now live. Thank you Hillary for all your love, humor, fierce insight, guidance, and the tools you have given me. You are such a force of nature! I am so delighted in our sessions and feel so blessed to have met you."

C., Entrepreneur - California
(Spiritual Coaching Client - Growth/Core Work/Transitions)

"I've been seeking guidance and life coaching from Hillary Black now for about a year and a half. I'm so amazed where I am now on my life journey from my initial session with Hillary Black. Hillary has truly helped me see myself on all levels and has assisted me into getting to the core consciousness of myself, as I like to call it "the heart of the matter!" These are the deeply seated issues within me that needed to be released, evaluated and excavated in it's entirety. Together with Hillary's help we have successfully pulled away so may of my onion layers to get to my core issues that were so deeply rooted within my own consciousness. She is amazing and has truly helped me changed my belief system and how I see myself and the world around me today. If you are ready to create a space for yourself to be raised to a higher awareness and vibration, I highly recommend you give Hillary Black a call. She is amazing!!! 

J.S., Entrepreneur, Orlando, Florida
(Spiritual Coaching Client - Growth/Core Work)

"Shortly after visiting my mother in Louisana I found the care package she had sent me. As I speaking with Hillary on the phone while she was doing the reading I was unloading the care package and found a toy alligator my mom had put in the package. I hadn't mentioned anything to Hillary of what I was doing while she was conducting the reading and as I had the toy alligator in my hand she said,"I see an alligator." That was one of many psychic insights she has had while reading me throughout the years and many things have come to pass as she said they would, even things I had no knowledge of or questioned. On one occasion I had a difficult challenge that was looking bleack, but it turned out positive as she had seen it.

Since then I have been coaching with Hillary to address my obstacles, lessons and patterns that no longer serve me. I have come into a new awareness of seeing a different perspective allowing me to release my blocks growing both personally and professionally."

G.L., RN California
(Intuitive Readings & Spirirtual Life Coaching Client)

"I have had the pleasure of having Hillary do intuitive readings for me on two occasions. I am blown away by her accuracy to say the least! Hillary's connection with spirit is amazing! She picked up on an uncommon nickname I am called by a close friend.. " little flower". My first reading was 3 months ago and I recently went back to check my notes...The timelines of events happened exactly as she saw them. Even during that first reading she picked up on things such as movies I had recently watched or symbols that only my deceased father and I would know.. After that first reading some of the events she predicted, I thought there is no way this is going to happen such as house sales and client personality profiles and sure enough, they did. To make her even more amazing, I was having a stressful day and out of the blue that same night she called me asking how I was, to check in as spirit told her to call me.. which brought me to have my most current reading. Hillary picked up on my current relationship situation with symbols brought forth by spirit that no one else would know but me. Her outlook on my career calmed my nerves and gave me hope to look forward to the exciting things that are about to unfold for me. I look forward to using Hillary's coaching sessions alongside her intuitive sessions as they have helped me tremendously when even I had a hard time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Do give Hillary a call, not only is she great at what she does, but you will feel a ton better after knowing the clearer picture on your life after your session with her."

T.L., Toronto, Real Estate Agent ON Canada
(Spiritual Client)

"After moving cross country on very short notice into an apartment I have never seen, life was in total chaos for 2 months with one bizarre thing after another. My 4 animals were agitated at the slightest noise and fighting. The non-stop chaos created difficulty in focus, confusion and miscommunication between my partner and I. There never seemed to be a moments rest. Hillary performed a clearing and blessing on our luxury apartment in this brand-new development. The results were immediate and profound. During the blessing and for 3 days thereafter, all the animals myself and my partner experienced deep sleep, relaxation a sense of peace, calm and order. Organization and productivity returned to our previous high level of function. What I found interesting was that not only our pets return to their healthy state of balance, we noticed that our pet friendly apartment complex became much quieter as well. A couple of months later I did not hesitate to call Hillary back out to perform a tune-up when the dogs got a little “barky”. I would highly recommend Hillary’s blessing and clearing services to anyone and everyone as part of their bi-annual “housekeeping” regiment such as your spring and fall cleaning. Furthermore, I would recommend those services be applied to one’s business/ess as well."

Susan S., Business Owner, California 
(Spiritual Coaching and House Blessing Client - Life Transitions)

"Hillary is one of the most beautifully gifted people I have ever had a blessing to meet. Being in the fashion business, people tend to be more open-minded and many ask me for recommendations on psychics, spiritualists and healers. Hillary is always recommended.

I especially like to recommend Hillary to newcomers as she takes the time to explain things to them and she also doesn't watch the clock like a hawk - she's really there to help you. Although she tries hard to explain all predictions to you, she also has a uncanny way of throwing things at you that don't make any sense. Believe me, they will later and then she said I would buy a house before my year in Alanta was done. To me, the last prophecy was impossible. My credit was ruined by my divorce and I couldn't even see that as a possibility. Knowing that all readings cannot be totally 100%, just thought it was a left-field thought and that it couldn't possibly happen, especially within the year. Well, I'm in the process of buying a house.

I also like the fact that Hillary tells you she cannot be 100% and that she is also reading your energy field and choices from that point of time. You can always change things. It usually take two elements to make a decision in destiny and both elements have choices. I always recommend Hillary and will continue to do so. She truly is spiritually touched."

Marcia Rothschild, Modeling Agent, Colorado
(Spiritual Client - Life Transitions)

"When you read me you said I would be getting a $2,000 raise. I insisted that was impossible since it had been years since the company gave raises. They actually took away 5% of everyone's salary. You told me not to think that way. I did and within 6 weeks, my boss said he was giving me a raise. I was in shock. Both the raise and it coming true. 

I also asked you about changing careers and what direction I would be going into. I had a physical supervisory blue collar job at the time.  You said I would get a job making $50,000 a year, again I couldn't believe I could make that much. Six (6) months later I went to an interview. I was confident to know I could get it, that's what I asked for and that's what I got! You said I would be working with numbers all day, something I couldn't imagine. I am now working all day at a computer with numbers, and nothing but numbers. Again I was amazed. So much of what you have told me has come true. I can't wait to hear what you say next time."

L.L., Inventory Clerk, Montville, New Jersey
(Spiritual Client - Life Transitions)

"In going over my notes from past readings I have gotten from you over the last seven months, I'm amazed at your accuracy! Im not sure how to illustrate everything without being too drawn out, so I am just going to start with my first reading with you and bullet-point things you predicted and make notes as I go along...I should move permanently to NYC. It will be difficult, but should do it. Can sell my house in December for at least $420,000. Will sell my car by December. Store excess furniture until I get bigger place in NYC. Will find home for my one dog...I moved permanently to NYC Oct., 24; I closed on my house Dec. 18 for $438,000; I sold my car Nov 10; I stored my furniture; my sister's friend made a great home for my dog...I can't thank you enough for your help and support. Looking back at all our talks I now know for a fact that you helped me deal better and better prepare for the events that became reality. Who knows how I would have reacted in many cases. But it seems that things have and are unfolding as it's meant to. It just feels right. And I have you to thank for getting me through it, and continuing to me through it. I appreciate your insight, your wisdom, your friendship, your guidance, your patience and your generosity. You've helped me grow spiritually as well as personally. I truly value our relationship and want to thank you for always being there for me!" Lots of Love, Your Friend in NYC, G.

G.H., Graphic Artist, New York, New York
(Spiritual Coaching Client - Life & Career Transition)

"Over two years ago I stumble into Hillary’s practice and received a positive, fun and eerily accurate reading. For that hour, as I sat across the table watching her read her magical tarot cards, my enthusiasm continued to grow. There were so many unanswered questions I had, and concerns about my future that we were able to address in that initial session. Hillary’s gifts of encouragement and clarity that day forever changed my life. As the months progressed, my life suddenly, drastically changed, and I felt led to contact her once again for some further guidance. At this point, she shared with me one of her Spiritual Life Coaching sessions and it was just what I needed!

Months before contacting Hillary again, I found myself facing homelessness, joblessness, and with no living family to offer support. To make things worse, my savings was quickly burning up with moving costs, storage, student-loans, and legal costs surrounding a death in the family. My health had sharply declined—as I went from the body of an active 30 something year old—strong and able—to feeling beaten down, achy, injured and exhausted. To make matters worse, my little baby kitty cat even decided to run away from where we had been staying.

During my first Spiritual Life Coaching session I found myself in on the phone in tears! I explained to Hillary that my life was falling apart and I needed help, NOW! She reassured me that we would work thorough things together and that everything would be okay-- she then asked if I was ready to face some hard emotional and spiritual realities, and if I was “willing to do the work to heal and grow.” I eagerly said that I was ready, and thus started my journey of growth, and success.

That evening we talked through everything, prayed, and set a few tangible goals. Hillary’s spiritual gifts, blended with her formal education in coaching, are the perfect balance of “practical” and spiritually miraculous for me! I signed up for various monthly sessions immediately and have been working with her ever since. Each session reaffirms how incredibly impressed I am with her professionalism, communication skills, spiritual connection, power and pure hearted nature.

Today I find myself gainfully employed making six figures, living in an amazing historic home with a loving partner, reunited with close family, physically on top of my game, AND daily in the presence of my cuddle buddy, the returned kitty cat who was on the lamb for six weeks. Emotionally and spiritually I have been able to healthily face and work through deep grief, abandonment, and  depression—while organically drawing closer God—and strengthening my personal faith. As I continue to work with Hillary I look forward to what is to come. If anyone is interested in doing some life changing work, I highly recommend Hillary’s Spiritual Life Coaching."

J.M.V., Creative Art Entrepreneur, California
(Spiritual Coaching Client - Growth/Core Work/Transitions)

Dearest Hillary:


Finally I get to sit down and write down a testimonial on several issues you advised and guided me on. First, I like to thank you for your friendship. You are not just my spiritual advisor, you are my friend. In the three years that we've known each other you've been able to counsel me on the following events:

I called with advice on buying my first car. You assured me that a loan I needed would come through. After being rejected by at least three banks, I called you again and you said that I was overlooking a bank that I should have gone to in the first place. I took that information and realized that a local bank that was referred to me, I over looked because of the interest rate. Needless to say, that was the bank that gave me the loan and made it possible to get my car.

I was going into surgery for tonsillectomy and I was concerned because of the complications that can take place when you are over 21 yrs. of age and I didn't want the surgery to change the quality of my voice. You said not to worry because things would come out fine. Well, I'm here today, there were no complications and it didn't effect my voice. 

I was having relationship problems and has a feeling that something was going on but didn't know for sure. Well, you reassured me that he did love me  but, that he had been heavily flirting w/three different females. You also said that he wouldn't leave me and that he had not intentions of ending our relationship. If our relationship ended, it would be me who would end it. After seeing enough evidence to support what you'd already confirmed, we had a LONG talk and he told me the same thing (in different words). He didn't want to leave me but, I did end the relationship a month later.

You said that I would be in a relationship w/ a particular person w/in 3 to 6 months. In that same reading, you said that he would be attending the police academy soon and that the money would come for the tuition not to worry about that. Well, we broke up two months later. However, we got back together in December (exactly 6 mths. later) and he attended the academy in January of 2000.

I had thoughts of moving to another state w/in the year. You said that I would be moving a lot sooner than I thought and also stated that I would get the job transfer I needed. I moved in August of 2000 and the job transfer came through with the salary you quoted me. 

I had some concerns as to my living arrangements and was going to see two different apartments. In a reading you said that I would move into the one w/ a washer and dryer in the apartment. You also said that I should take extra care to get things in writing b/c the place was a bit disorganized and if I didn't get things straight and had my checkbook w/ me when I went to view the apartment, there would be problems. Well, I did move into that apartment but, I didn't take my checkbook nor did I get things in writing and my move was delayed by a month. Had I had my checkbook and left a deposit, I would've moved in November as I'd wanted to.

You said that you saw me dancing professionally. You also mentioned the same thing in another one of my readings. I was a bit confused since I'd never taken a dance class before. As it stands now, I've been taking dance classes consistently and have moved up in the levels to where I only have three more to go. If I keep this up, who's to say where it'll take me.

You said I's be getting some sort of raise with the numbers 3 and 5, when I asked about my financial picture. Well, I got my tax return and the amount helped out greatly and 3 AND 5 were definitely in the amount.

I was a dead end in my search for acting/voice coaches. Again I called you and again, you said that I wasn't being thorough in my search. You stated that I would need to look through the telephone book. Once I decided to look there and research them, I found an academy that I was very happy to attend.

Since moving away from home, I've been homesick. You said that I would be meeting some people and specified a few girls. Just like you said, I've made friends and they've made my transfer here easier and definitely more enjoyable. 

M.S., Florida
(Spiritual Client - Life Transitions)

I love hearing back from my clients, so please share your feedback.

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