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Hillary Black

Spiritual Transitional Coach & Intuitive Reader

Experienced. Supportive.



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Welcome. My name is Hillary Black.

I have dedicated the last 27 years to helping people from all over the world gain insight into their lives and achieve their goals through intuitive tarot readings and spiritual life coaching.

In 2002 I started noticing a trend with my clients. They had all the information they needed to make informed choices, yet they didn’t know how to properly set goals, visualize, and manifest their desires.


The first step to create the life you truly want comes from identifying the blocks that hold you back. Most of the time, we think we understand these blocks, however more often than not our internal narrative and negative programing prevents us from seeing these obstacles clearly. 


As a result, we expend a tremendous amount of energy trying to overcome these obstacles, but instead we end up making them stronger.


The first step is always the hardest. Join the thousands of people worldwide who have taken their life into their own hands and created a life they've always dreamed of.


My Journey...

It began at my lemonade stand at the age of 5 and then at 10 years old I started working as a certified Babysitter. Whether I was volunteering leading as a Sunday School Teacher with my local church, Camp Counselor for Disabled Children & Adults, Competitive Athlete in Swimming for 10 years achieving the level of Junior Nationals or working managing, supporting roles to name a few as an Office Manager, Executive Secretary, Business Analyst, or Hospice Support Staff. I’ve had more jobs in different fields in the past 51 years of my working wage earning life, than most people have in 2 life times? Why? 


Because I was constantly searching for fulfillment.  However my never ending search for fulfillment was actually me running from who I knew I was deep down.

You see, people think they know what they want. However they say one thing and their actions say another. That’s because we're listening to the voice that says what we should do, not actually what we want to do.

Actions will always speak louder than words. 


This misalignment is the biggest form of self denial. 


When we are in this space, we become stuck, wanting desperately to escape this delusion so we can finally achieve our goals and dreams. 


Until we let go of who we think we should be and own who we actually are, dreams will stay dreams and our goals, even when we achieve them, will not bring us the happiness and fulfillment it promised.  


Ok, but how do we do that, you ask?!?!

About Hillary

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In one day, the entire course of my life changed... 


I went from being a 29 year old wife, soon to be mother of my second child, prospective nursing student to 29 year old wife, mother of two, waitress, and tarot beginner.


You see, I’m a intuitive and a medium...and I have been since I was 5 years old.


It took losing my father in a tragic car accident and feeling the most intense pain I’ve ever experienced, then, and now for me to finally accept my true calling in life to understand my gifts and share them with the world.


A couple days before I lost my father in a tragic car accident, I had a spirit visit me in a dream.  


They came with a warning, it was about my dad. 


I knew that I was going to wake up soon, so I asked them to hurry and give me the message. They just kept saying “Your dad, your dad, your dad,” over and over and I couldn’t make the rest out.


I woke up and had a horrible gut feeling. Something bad was going to happen.


But just as I’ve been doing since I’ve been 5 years old… I pushed away my intuition.


Days later, my father got into a car accident, slipped into a coma. To which he never regained consciousness and passed away six weeks later.  


During this time I went to the hospital almost everyday, and I would speak to him. The doctors, nurses, and hospital staff probably thought I was crazy but I didn’t care. My gifts that I was always pushing down shot to the surface and there was no holding them back down.


The day came he would pass away and I had that feeling again, I knew. I called my family and together, along with close family friends, sat around his hospital bed and shared stories and thanked him for the time we had. 


All I knew was that I had these gifts but had no understanding of them, and no idea how to control them. 


So I went to a psychic bookshop and entered a whole new world. A world where I not only fit in but thrived and my abilities became stronger and more precise. 


From there, I learned tarot and started reading professionally in 1996 just months after my fathers passing. My family, friends, and clients were surprised by my accuracy of seeing situations and predictions. 


Over time, I realized that reading tarot was just the beginning and that these gifts were meant for something bigger. 

Tarot enabled me to give my clients a sense of calm, clarity, and confirmation. However these same clients would come back with the same questions to very similar situations. 

This happened because they were stuck manifesting relationships and/or career opportunities that reflected their own blocks and issues. We attract the familiar patterns.

They were in misalignment. Life isn't just about just finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

They thought they knew what they wanted.........

“Vision without action is a dream.
Action without vision is simply passing the time.
Action with Vision is making a positive difference.”
― Joel Baker

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Hillary Black Official Bio

An unparalleled authority in her field, Spiritual Life Coach and Intuitive Medium Hillary Black has spent the last 27 years using her gifts and training to help her clients get clarity, gain insight, and create lasting positive change in their lives. 


Intuitive, Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Claircognizant, Empath, Psychometry, Tarot, Pendulum, Magnified Healing Master Teacher Level I, Universal Life Church Minister, Life and Business Coach.


Throughout her career Hillary has worn many hats. In 1996 she founded and was the previous editor & chief of the former Online Magazine Spiritually Touched, a popular online resource for wellness and spiritual guidance with contributors all over the United States, Canada, and Europe. 


Her column, Thoughts to Ponder, has been republished and cited by international news sources including the critically acclaimed World Wide Information Outlet featured in published books, college courses and magazines such as PC Magazine.

Hillary has made many media appearances including the 2018 award winning documentary film FEEL, The Wave Of Intelligence, and the television show Mystical Insights with Patrisha Richardson. She had her own podcast Spiritual Roundtable with Ask Hillary Black. Hillary also been featured on various podcasts such as Night Lights Radio Show with Barbara Delong, Curious Time Radio Show with Chris, SuperNatural Radio Show with Corrine DeWinter, Beth Bell Radio Show with Beth Bell and has made radio show appearances including the Cybergyde Radio Show, as well as Lets Talk with Cassie and Lucas Radio Show.

Hillary's Bio
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